Wednesday, December 10, 2014

90pctvegan hack of the day – sardines

Here’s an incredibly in-depth nutrition profile from my go-to source, World’s Healthiest Foods

One serving provides 2338% (yes, thousands) of your daily B1, 87% of the selenium you need (so watch the Brazil nut intake on a day you eat sardines), 64% of your phosphorus, 61% of your omega-3 fats, 45% of the protein you need, and a whopping 44% of your daily requirement of vitamin D!  (This isn’t YOUR, of course.  It’s an average of regular adults.  I am not prescribing anything or making ANY representation about giving you personalized advice.  J )

Pacific sardines
And they’re cheap.  On sale at Safeway last night were Beach Cliff brand sardines in mustard sauce (mmmmm – mustard) for a buck a can.  One single buck.

As for calories – according to the Beach Cliff website, a can of their sardines in mustard sauce is 140 calories! That’s well in keeping with my 10% animal/90% plant rule.

Were I not pinching pennies, I might opt for these – and here’s where the topic on climate change comes in.

How sustainable are sardines?  Well, I read here (with alarm) that they are likely already being affected by the warming of our planet. 

And the whole picture is complicated. I read that Gristpiece with a lot of interest, because it highlighted the many ways we don’t know precisely what our impact is on the food webs and ecosystems with which we share our precious planet.

And that deserves a YIKES

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