Thursday, January 2, 2014

Abundance near La Conner, Washington

September in La Conner Washington is sublime. Endless rich blue skies, warm sun, fresh breezes from the water and the fields, and produce stands that burst with ingredients! 

Was just thumbing through the trusty iPhone and reminiscing about Cousin J and Auntie S visiting this year - we hit a produce stand that made me want to COOK.  Just think of all the things you could make with just the bounty from this one bin!

As a 90% vegan, the first thing I'd do is steam up a few of those lovely pale green patty pans in the back - then lavish them with a knob of organic sweet cream butter and a teensy sprinkle of good sea salt.  A grind of black pepper might honestly be over-the-top!

The tomatoes wouldn't need more than to be sliced, but of course you could drizzle those slices with good olive oil and scatter some basil leaves about.  Or dice them in goodly chunks, grate in a little garlic, and use the resulting goodness as a topping for grilled bread.

I'd probably just wash the first cuke I unpacked when I got home and take a huge bite with no prep - but you could also make a tasty, refreshing raita with Greek yogurt, a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, some salt, a little mint, and maybe just a tiny sprinkle of sugar.

Then there's the cucumber salad my Bedstemoder used to make - she'd slice cucumbers and onions very very thin (I'd use the shallots shown above) and dress them with equal parts apple cider vinegar and fresh cream, into which she'd whisked a little sugar and a dash of black pepper.

Not feelin' the dairy?  Make a tangy vinaigrette with Dijon mustard and some minced chiles and dress the cukes and shallots with that, instead!

What would you do with those lovely ingredients in the picture?

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